Real Estate Business Evolves

The real estate business keeps changing. It has been said that the changes in this business in the last ten years are like the changes in the world when the printing press was invented. Of course it is the digital world that has made this possible.

How we search for property has changed

The internet has made searching much easier for buyers and sellers to get the information they need to be informed buyers and sellers.

How we communicate with each other has changed. Rapid fire questions and answers by text and email that provide fast and easy information exchange and responses are less than a phone conversation away.

Availability of data is key to the knowledge required to make a prudent decision. Today’s information is readily available to everyone who knows how to access it.  A lot of this is free and others are still paid services that Realtors access through their company or other providers.

The use of mobile devices such as phone and tablets is one of the fastest rising tools to have instant access to information about properties for the consumer today expected to overtake laptop and desktop computer access shortly.

How we advertise properties and our services has changed. The digital world affords a lot of opportunities to bring real estate to the consumer’s attention.  Literally thousands and thousands of websites displaying information about the properties available in a variety of different ways.  Property searches by price, neighborhood, lifestyle and more.

The electronic signing of documents is something that moves at the speed of light. For starters saving the paper that we once used is wonderful for our environment but even more getting things done quickly and efficiently with secure records and paper trail is wonderful.

Neighborhood information has reached new heights. Access to school information, crime statistics, walkability scores, transportation, restaurants and shopping all make finding and selling your home easier than ever before.

Access to mortgage rates, information, comparison, title services and transaction processing has changed including the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with new closing procedures and disclosure procedures in place to protect the consumer from predatory lenders and bad lending practices.

So what do all of these advances in the real estate business mean?

First it is one thing to have all of this information available to you and it is another thing to be able to interpret it in a way that always makes sense. That is just one way that your Realtor is vital to the process.

One thing about advertising that has not changed is the ability to use words and photographs to make any property or area look enticing. Buyers coming from another area can rely upon the information and data that they get from the internet but the real interaction between a buyer and their Realtor with real physical showings beyond the virtual reality tours will always continue to make a difference.

Even with the technology involved navigating the real estate transaction for buyers and sellers in a smooth and efficient manner takes constant review and guidance. Never underestimate what can go wrong and be prepared to be guided through any situation by a proficient Realtor who is guiding your path.

Even the Real Estate Agent model has changed once only individual agents have now evolved into working team models with individual agents specializing in a portion of the progress.

Progressive real estate agents today realize that they are no longer the gatekeeper of the information that the business once was. It is their responsibility to their clients and the consumers to guide the parties through the process providing outstanding communication in the manner that best suits their client. They bring their value to the table today in new and fresh ways of providing information, access to information and data, neighborhoods and lifestyles using a combination of technology and good old fashion research and legwork that makes for a seamless transaction and a good real estate experience.

Today we all so much hear the word transparency. The best a realtor can be is to be totally transparent with his client and the consumer about not only the property but the process and the services that they supply.

In conclusion it has also been said that the only thing that is constant about change is change itself. So as long as the real estate business keeps changing so must the Realtor continue to evolve and change to provide a valuable real estate experience to the client and consumer?




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