Real Estate Business Evolves

The real estate business keeps changing. It has been said that the changes in this business in the last ten years are like the changes in the world when the printing press was invented. Of course it is the digital world that has made this possible. How we search for property has changed The internet has made searching much easier for buyers and sellers to get the information they need to be informed buyers and sellers. How we communicate with each other has changed. Rapid fire questions and answers by text and email that provide fast and easy information exchange… Read More

Great News for Condominium Sellers and Buyers

If you own a condo and are considering selling or if you are considering buying a condominium recent legislation has been passed by the House of Representatives that will make it a lot easier. In the past the owner occupancy ratio of condominiums in order to get FHA financing had to be at least 50 % or financing was not available. Also approvals for FHA financing was a lengthy and difficult process. Well GREAT NEWS!!!! The House of Representatives passed, “Housing Opportunities through Modernization Act” with a unanimous vote of 427-0!  This legislation sponsored by Reps. Luetkemeyer (R-MO) and Cleaver… Read More