It Takes A Team

It Takes a Team

The M.T. and Thomas Team

A Team by definition (verb): to gather together in a cooperative effort.

Not all real estate teams are alike.  Real estate teams operate differently.  The MT and Thomas Team takes pride in providing outstanding services and communication that create a professional working relationship with personal service that accomplishes valuable results.

  • Every customer and every transaction is unique and individual and personal attention to details by MT and Thomas makes a difference.
  •  Building a bridge between technology and relationships with communications that work effectively and keep clients and customers  informed and on schedule with the information and tasks needed to accomplish their goals.
  • Using an experienced and dedicated support staff and team to help keep them up to date and informed and to allow them to keep their clients updated and informed throughout the process.  Their support staff handles work for them that allows them to spend more time with you and guiding the transaction so there is always a positive results.   MT and Thomas are always your point of contact and have all of the information and data necessary to answer your questions.
  • Providing access to experienced and valuable resources in every associated field to bring every transaction to a successful close.

The M.T. and Thomas Team has been together for over 20 years helping clients and customers with every aspect of their real estate transaction.  Hundreds of satisfied clients and customers have successfully used their services.

M.T. Shadduck and Thomas A. St.Claire, Realtors are the The MT and Thomas Team and together their combined efforts and collaborations provide valuable insight and assistance into every aspect of a real estate transaction. As a husband wife team they have the opportunity to communicate together and spend more time discussing their clients and customers’ needs to provide even more effective results. They have a passion about real estate that gives them a competitive edge.

MT and Thomas are Educated and Certified Professionals with numerous professional certifications and designations.

SRS,   Seller Representative Specialist

CBR,  Certified Buyer Representative

SRES,  Senior Real Estate Specialist

MRP,  Military Relocation Professional

RENE,  Real Estate Negotiations Expert

MT Shadduck is a RSP,  Realtor Staging Professional

Thomas A. St.Claire is a CRE,  Certified Real Estate Expert

” Continuously maintaining our education is a process we believe in strongly to constantly provide the best service to our clients and customers by providing them with the knowledge that empowers them to make the best decisions”.  MT and Thomas

Administrative Assistants to the Team

Carleigh is the  Staff Data Specialist.

Carleigh handles the data input and data collection providing MT and Thomas with remarkable and up to date resources and the technological tools that are used every day in the extensive digital marketing process.  In addition with the information and digital services being constantly updated MT and Thomas always have valuable access to vital information to keep their clients and customers up to date and knowledgeable about the market data and their transactions.

Linda is the Staff Marketing Administrator.

This job covers a lot of territory.  Today’s marketing efforts are primarily technology based and require constant updating and “tweaking” to insure their effectiveness.

Today 90 % of all buyers find their information online.  The accuracy, distribution and servicing of that information to insure outstanding results requires special efforts and continuous monitoring.

The wordsmithing and content of all of the teams advertising, marketing materials and blog posts are all written by MT and Thomas.

Once written the placement of the marketing material and distribution across the many channels of internet marketing, flyers and other methods of distribution along with SEO, updating and monitoring insures accuracy and highly effective marketing.

The Marketing Administrator frees up valuable time for MT and Thomas to spend time with clients and customers.

The Extended Team and Valuable Resources.

Using top local real estate attorneys to assist with the technical aspects of a transaction including items like zoning issues, municipal regulations, legal and acceptable use, title, forms of ownership and contract preparation and  is a crucial aspect in helping any client or customer in a real estate transaction.  Different counselors specialize in different areas. The MT and Thomas Team provide direction and guidance in selecting the best Legal advisors for your specific needs.

We have legal advisors who specialize in areas such as estates, trusts and asset management, investment property and legal liability reduction.

Financing The MT and Thomas Team believe that the best option for financing options for your home is to have many options.

With so many banks and lending institutions and so many ways to accomplish financing it is important to review those options to find the ones that are best suited to your needs.

Not every lender provides every mortgage or financing product available.  Constantly reviewing the many options and lenders providing them along with and reviewing your specific needs with a variety of lenders and instutions.

The MT and Thomas Team will assist you in finding the best option for you.

Construction, Remodeling, Renovations and Repairs.

Newport RI Real Estate Services is our sister company and is a contract management company directed by Thomas to assist our clients with any aspect of these services.

  • Repairing and restoring defects found in inspections.
  • Upgrades and repairs in preparing a property for market.
  • Renovations and upgrades and additions to make your home purchase the perfect home.
  • Construction management and design supervision of building new homes.

Using experienced and qualified contractors and technicians who have worked closely together before on many projects can make a difference in getting a project or repair done effectively, affordably and on time.

Having a working knowledge of all aspects of the process Thomas and Newport RI Real Estate Services provides a valuable resource and service to the clients and customers of The MT and Thomas Team.

Moving   Weather it is a local move or across country The MT and Thomas Team has worked with experienced and professional movers who can help you with any move.

  • Local moves
  • Interstate moves
  • Cross country moves
  • Home packing specialists
  • Household organizational specialists
  • Storage solutions
  • Disposal solutions
  • Home content sales or auctions.

 The MT and Thomas Team has the solution available to assist you.

Property Staging Statistics show that a properly prepared and staged home will bring a better price and a quicker sale then one that has not been properly staged.

MT is a Certified Realtor Staging Specialist and has successfully staged many homes to accomplish incredible results.

From a simple re-arrangement of existing furnishings or adding a few items of greenery and artwork to entirely furnishing and decorating a vacant home can make a big difference.

Her keen eye for design and the Feng Shui necessary to give a home its best presentation for potential purchasers has proven to have outstanding results.

The MT and Thomas Team personally warehouse thousands of furnishing and items to use in the staging of homes.

HomeSmart Real Estate Professionals  is our Brokerage of choice because of the wonderful technological tools that they provide for us to assist our clients as well as an outstanding staff and support staff to help us facilitate the type of business that we can be proud of.  One of the largest franchise offices in Rhode Island we are proud to be affiliated with such a remarkable group of people.

Specializing in Newport County

There is a difference and advantage to our clients and customers in being a specialist in a specific market area.

  • Having a complete knowledge and understanding of the market area.
  • Being able to provide valuable information and insight into market conditions in the area.
  • Being able to provide “local knowledge” of places of interest to potential purchasers in the area.
  • Maintaining a constant knowledge base of the available properties in the area
  • Maintaining an educated knowledge or sold properties and their values in the area
  • Being able to provide valuable resources in the area.
  • Extending a pride in the Newport County area as full time residents of Newport County.

“ Today’s real estate transaction is a complicated and multifaceted process requiring experts in many areas

along with constant monitoring and guidance to bring it to a successful completion”.

  “Nothing can ever replace outstanding  personal service”.

    MT and Thomas


It Takes A Team

The MT and Thomas Team

How the Team Began

MT and Thomas were both experienced and educated Realtors who were introduced by a number of other Realtors before finally ending up as not only The MT and Thomas Team but as husband and wife.  Together they find more ways to accomplish their passion for providing outstanding real estate services and to bring their specialties, their knowledge and experience to their clients and customers benefit.

The MT and Thomas Team

Newport County RI Real Estate Specialists