We offer Home Away, Vacation Home and Home Away Services


Weather you are a winter Snow Bird relaxing in a warm place or a summer traveler our Home Services will give you peace of mind.

Regular property check for 24 points of service covering everything from security to temperature settings to mechanical and utility checkups on each visit.     Communications and additional coverage during extreme weather conditions or other emergencies will put you at ease.

We have the team that can make repairs and have your home in tip top shape when you return if needed.

Vacation Home Services

Own a vacation home or rent your vacation home our Vacation Home Services covers everything you may need.  Services when needed to maintain your vacation home, linen services, cleaning services, repair services, full concierge services.  Even a chef to prepare your dinner is available.

Home Maintain Services

If you are just not mechanically inclined, don’t have the time or need expert advice on how to save money on repairs and upgrades. Our team of contractors and vendors have a great track record of quality service at fair prices.  This service can make your life easier and save you money.

We are happy to meet with you with No Obligation to discuss our services.

Our Clients Say!

MT and Thomas take care of our home like it was theirs. We never worry because we know they have our back.  Great Service  Thank You.       Bob and Collette


This is our second year of having your Home Away Service and we are so happy we found you.  Just the peace of mind that our home is being cared for and will be ready for our return makes our winter time away much easier.  We don’t worry about a thing!        Ron and Andrea D


When the natural gas crisis hit we were traveling and we were shocked by what we heard.  Our home has natural gas and we were concerned about pipes freezing etc.  We got a text in less than an hour that our home was going to be fine. The gas service was off but MT and Thomas brought portable heaters, let the gas company in to relight and we were fine.  Crisis avoided thanks to our vacation home services.  We do not know how to thank you.   Bill and Mary R


Thank heaven we have your Vacation Home Services.  Our summer rental were nice tenants who knew the people next door so we thought everything would be fine.  First the washer broke, then a pump on the furnace went, then the large tree on the corner of the lot came down. MT and Thomas had the repairs done quickly and the tenants were very happy. We thought we would have to return for a 40 foot tree lying across our yard leaning on the house but before we knew it we had a quote for the removal and it was done and cleaned up the next day for a very reasonable fee.  We saw pictures and were very happy.  The best thing is we did not have to leave the beach in Florida.  Thank You Thank You Thank You!          Robert McFeney

We want you to be a happy client too!